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  • 12 units in our city have won the title of leading enterprises in Qingdao's agricultural industrialization

    Recently, it was learned from the Qingdao Municipal Commission of Agriculture that 12 enterprises including Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd. in our city were awarded the title of leading enterprises in Qingdao's agricultural industrialization. Up to now, there are 77 leading enterprises in our city, accounting for 26.4% of Qingdao, including 1 national leading enterprise, 5 provincial leading enterprises, and 71 Qingdao municipal leading enterprises.

  • 【Supporting enterprises】Jixing Food: Seamless epidemic prevention and control, full power to promote production

    Walking into Hejiadian that is the world of peanuts. Fighting the epidemic and promoting production, peanut processing enterprises ushered in the spring flowers. On February 18th, we came to Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd. Before entering the factory, I smelled the strong aroma of peanuts. The roar of the machine and the busy voice of the employees were intertwined, showing the vitality of the enterprise after the resumption of production. "We started to resume production on 10th. We are all local employees, and all employees have resumed work. Now the order has been received in early March, worth more than 6 million yuan, and the output has reached 20 tons a day. It has resumed normal operation." Jixing Food Co., Ltd. Ma Lei, deputy general manager of the company, introduced.

  • Youth never stops, always on the road-Food Promotion Association

    The Pingdu City Food in Pingdu Development Promotion Association was established in October 2016. It was approved by the Pingdu Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to expand the influence of the "food in Pingdu" brand in order to create a "healthy, healthy food in Pingdu" brand.

  • Vibrant Qingdao | Peanut Butter "King" Market Perspective

    "No! Backpacks, cameras, mobile phones cannot be brought in, nor can earrings or necklaces." Before the research team of Renmin University of China's International Journalism and Communication Master Class entered the peanut processing factory, Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jixing) General manager Yu Songkui repeatedly emphasized to everyone, "These may cause pollution to peanut processing. Strict disinfection is required before entering our factory."

  • The research group of National Peanut Industry came to Qingdao for research

    In order to find out the development of the peanut industry and put forward countermeasures to promote the development of the peanut industry, from November 15th to 17th, 2018, the peanut industry research group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs conducted an on-site investigation on the development of the peanut industry in our city.

  • Little peanut butter

    The peanut butter developed by Yu Songkui became popular!Perseverance and persistence, from a educated youth who knows nothing to the countryside to the chairman of Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd., he spent more than 30 years selling a bottle of high-quality peanut butter developed to the other side of the ocean, winning foreign customers. Praise.