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The research group of National Peanut Industry came to Qingdao for research


In order to find out the development of the peanut industry and put forward countermeasures to promote the development of the peanut industry, from November 15th to 17th, 2018, the peanut industry research group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs conducted an on-site investigation on the development of the peanut industry in our city. The research team was headed by Professor Wan Yongshan from Shandong Agricultural University, Professor Han Chunqiu from Nanjing Agricultural University, Researcher Liu Hongzhi from the Agricultural Products Processing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Researcher Chen Jianhong from the Quanzhou Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Researcher Yuan Ting from the Information Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Gao Ruijie, a researcher from Shandong Agricultural Technology Promotion Station, and other experts, Shi Yuelin, an inspector from the Municipal Agricultural Committee, and the heads of the planting department and agricultural technology station participated in the research activities.


The research team went to Pingdu and Laixi successively in our city, and visited Qingdao Fudlong Food Co., Ltd., Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd., Hejiadian Peanut Industrial Park in Liaolan Town, Qingdao Jiade Food Co., Ltd., High-oleic peanut planting base in Jiangshan Tow, Laixi City, etc., and held a symposium to discuss the production, processing, Achievements and existing problems in sales and export earnings. The research team learned the basic situation of the peanut industry development in Qingdao through field research, found out the main problems and key links restricting the development of the industry, put forward precise countermeasures to promote the development of the national peanut industry, and further optimized the supply structure of domestic edible vegetable oil and protein feed has a very important meaning.


Source: Qingdao Municipal Commission of Agriculture