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Youth never stops, always on the road-Food Promotion Association


The Pingdu City Food in Pingdu Development Promotion Association was established in October 2016. It was approved by the Pingdu Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to expand the influence of the "food in Pingdu" brand in order to create a "healthy, healthy food in Pingdu" brand. Pingdu's 19 national geographic indications to protect agricultural products and Pingdu's characteristic tourism products, promote the inheritance of Pingdu's solar health culture, and be guided by the Pingdu City Federation of Industry and Commerce.

On August 22, at the invitation of the vice chairman of the Food Promotion Committee and the chairman of Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd. Yu Songkui, officials of the Food Promotion Committee together with Chairman Zhou and Secretary General Yu Guangbo and other 11 people visited Jixing Food communicate with.

The spirit of artisans, carefully carved into the office area of Jixing Food, the first thing that catches the eye is the root carving of Yu Dong's collection. The root carving is an art and a spirit, and it is a vivid portrayal of the entrepreneurs' "concentration, dedication and dedication"! This spirit of continuous focus on doing one thing has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of Jixing Food, and laid a strong mark for him to become the leader of the industry today.

Entering the conference room, the root carving was presented to our eyes again. We firmly believe that Yu Dong must be a person with a story, and the story will start from here:\

With a firm eye, Yu Dong talked about Jixing's past, present and future ... Yu Dong said: Jixing always adheres to the principle of focus, positioning only to make peanut butter, sesame butter and fried peanuts, and aims to build a high-end brand of peanut products. Endorsement for peanut products. Committed to the innovation and development of the peanut industry.

Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd. is located in Pingdu City, Qingdao, which is the place where Chinese geographical indication products are groundnut raw materials. It was founded in 2002. It currently has 63 employees, including 5 core technical staff and 3 quality management staff , Is a food processing company focusing on the production of peanut butter, fried peanuts and sesame butter. The company's chairman, Yu Songkui, has focused on the production of peanut products for more than 30 years, and has taken the peanut deep-processing industry as a lifelong business. The company has a standardized modern production plant, advanced technology production lines and a professional management team. Peanut butter produced by the company can reach a grinding fineness of more than 300 mesh, and is a domestic manufacturer that meets the standards required for plant-based protein beverages. The company has an automatic filling production line. The company's frying workshop has 10 advanced automatic packaging machines (including 3 bag-feeding packaging machines and 7 nitrogen-filling packaging machines).

Based on quality and focus on focus, the company has passed HALAL, HACCP, BRC, SGS quality, SGS human rights and other system certifications. The company is mainly export-oriented, and its products have been exported to Russia, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, the United States, the European Union and other countries. Among them, fried peanuts exported to Sri Lanka account for more than 60% of the local market. In 2014, it was authorized by Walt Disney to use the "Disney" trademark, supply RT-Mart, and Auchan's nearly 400 large KA supermarkets nationwide. The company gradually opened the domestic influential Yonghui Supermarket to produce its Tianqu brand peanut butter. Among them, the squeezed new peanut butter sales have steadily increased in Yonghui Supermarket. The peanut butter produced by the company is widely supplied to domestic well-known chain hotpot restaurants such as Haidilao and Xiabuxiabu.

 "Good food, good food" Yu Dong introduced: Jixing Food's peanut rice raw materials are all taken from the Pingdu peanut planting base, which guarantees the raw material supply and quality of Jixing Food from the source.

Yu Dong said: "The people take food as the sky, and food as the priority". Jixing's advanced production equipment, scientific management system, and strict management system ensure the production of high-quality products; people-oriented management philosophy, a competitive compensation system, and the establishment of enterprise standards for the peanut butter food industry. Jixing's quality soul.

After visiting the production workshop, the presidents entered the Jixing conference room again. With the leadership of the official chairman, everyone exchanged and studied with each other and expressed their opinions. Chen Yao, General Manager of Qingdao Longteng Pacific Shopping Center Co., Ltd., a southern business elite from Zhejiang. She not only combines the gentleness, savvy, dexterity, and wisdom of the southern women, but also expresses the business of "developing the group, cultivating, working with mutual benefit, and winning the world with integrity" peculiar to the southern business elite.

In the end, the president pointed out that development is an eternal theme, and win-win is the common aspiration. Whether in the past, present or future, the CCP will always uphold "speaking politics, taking care of the big picture, dedication, conviction, dare to take responsibility, have "Love" development concept; "raising the flag, gathering the hearts of the people, developing the brand, and displaying the image", highly consistent with the party and the government, implement the tasks entrusted to us by our superiors, reassure leaders, and satisfy members! Recruit more positive energy members, serve members, build platforms, build together with fellow practitioners, achieve strong alliances, achieve a win-win situation, and develop well and quickly for the entire Pingdu economic construction. Degrees, going out of Qingdao, going out of Shandong, facing the country, and making unremitting efforts towards the world!