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Little peanut butter


The peanut butter developed by Yu Songkui became popular!

Perseverance and persistence, from a educated youth who knows nothing to the countryside to the chairman of Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd., he spent more than 30 years selling a bottle of high-quality peanut butter developed to the other side of the ocean, winning foreign customers. Praise.

With the concept of pursuing quality, he succeeded while not forgetting to drive the peasant brothers around him to get rich together. He always adhered to his original intentions. With the purpose of ensuring quality and safety, focusing and focusing on the development of an industry to drive an economy, he strived to build the company Became the first brand of Chinese peanut butter.

And he is already 66 years old. But he said he was still young, and he wanted to make his peanut butter products to every corner of the world.

Small details can be seen in character

"These earrings, hair clips, keys, rings, mobile phones, etc. are not allowed to be brought in." A few days ago, the reporter came to Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd., Hejiadian Village, Taolan Town, Pingdu City, and just walked to the door of the production workshop. Stopped by Chairman Yu Songkui. It turned out that if you want to enter the peanut butter processing workshop, you must go through strict changes of clothing, ozone disinfection, air shower, and other links. Each person takes about 20 minutes on average, and the degree of strictness is very harsh.

"This is screening, this is shell removal ... every link is quite meticulous in design." Every scene in the workshop was shown to us. According to the introduction of Chairman Yu Songkui, Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a food processing company focusing on peanut butter and peanut rice production. The company always adheres to the principle of focusing on focusing on high-end peanut butter and fried peanuts. Rice, aiming to build a national brand of peanut butter and endorse peanut butter, will devote all his energy to the innovation and in-depth development of the peanut industry.

Behind the "Made in China" peanut butter

Speaking of peanut butter and his company, Yu Songkui had mixed feelings. "50 years ago, as an educated youth, I went to Majiadianzi Village, Mencun Commune, Pingdu County. The contact was to deal with peanuts. Later, I moved to Pingdu Industrial Product Sales Company. During this period, I have been engaged in peanut export. Trade work. "Yu Songkui said that in the long-term business process with foreigners, he found that there is a large gap in domestic and foreign diets. For foreigners, peanut butter is a good nutritious food. The silky peanut butter melts on the toasted thick-cut bread, and a bite is the fluffy bread mixed with the dense peanut butter. Combined with the fact that there were no peanut butter companies in China at the time, Yu Songkui believed that this was a great business opportunity.

Providence! When Song Kui was preparing for a big fight, he found that he was seriously ill during a physical examination. The cure cost him most of his savings, and he was barely able to maintain his life. "My Russian friend Gima came to visit me, and he expressed his willingness to invest and introduce customers to me. The only condition is that I be able to set up a factory on my own." Yu Songkui said that at first his family was opposed to him because of his physical reasons, but Stubborn, he persuaded his relatives and friends to care about him one by one with his attachment to peanut butter. The family's work was done, and the company was founded with the help of Gima.

Good products are inseparable from high-quality raw materials. In order to make the peanut butter produced more fragrant, Yu Songkui spent more than half a year on field inspections at home and abroad. After thousands of repeated experiments with different varieties of peanuts, he finally selected the pollution-free pure green geo-marked product "Pingdu Lilan Big Peanut", which was certified and issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. "The climate here has four distinct seasons, a large temperature difference, sufficient light, and moderate rainfall. Peanuts are strictly in accordance with the requirements of green food production operations during the growth process. The product quality meets the standards of pollution-free green food, so the peanuts produced are full and bright in color. , Sweet in the fragrance, high oil yield but not greasy. "Yu Songkui said that relying on the advantages of raw materials, he successfully developed the first batch of peanut butter that is basically non-foaming, good spreadability, and delicate taste.

"I immediately invited Russian friend Gima to come and taste. Gima said that these batches of peanut butter are not only of good quality, but with a brownish-yellow color, delicate texture and delicious taste, and have the strong aroma of peanuts." Yu Songkui, a Russian friend Gima on the spot Keep your promise and mail samples to Japanese customers. "The information was quickly returned. Our products have unique flavors and are favored by local consumers. However, foreigners pay special attention to food safety issues, saying that they must visit in person." Yu Songkui knew that this opportunity was hard-won, The first order can't tolerate a sloppy sloppyness, and it must be up to 12 points.

"It took me two years to conduct the preliminary inspection. During this period, I set my heart to research and develop new products, and mailed them to Japan as soon as there were new ones. Eventually, they were recognized by our customers, saying" Made in China "peanut butter is beyond doubt. He said that at that time there were many competitors in Japan. By virtue of high-quality products, he defeated all competitors and harvested the first barrel of gold through deep processing, with an output value of 6 million yuan. Later, the radiation circle of his product market gradually expanded, and now it has been exported to 15 countries including South Korea, Russia, the United States, Sri Lanka. At present, Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd. in Songkui has an annual output of about 4,500 tons of peanut butter and an annual export of about 60%.

Good quality casts world brand

"The company always takes the pursuit of quality as its sole business philosophy. We say that and do it!" Yu Songkui said, with the development of China's economic level, people's lives are becoming more and more refined and fast. As one of the snack foods, peanut butter accounts for 37% of China's current consumption of edible peanuts, while foreign demand is greater, and supply is in short supply. It is an indisputable fact that even if you do not make money, the pursuit of quality is still Yu Songkui's business philosophy.

As everyone knows, peanuts contain aflatoxins, and people are most concerned about food safety. For this reason, Yu Songkui invested heavily in introducing an aflatoxin removal equipment for peanut raw material screening, which can completely remove peanut raw materials containing aflatoxin and ensure the quality and safety of peanut butter from the source. Over the years, his company's peanut butter has been well received, and there have never been any problems.

It is understood that the peanut butter produced by Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd. has 30 flavors of smooth, granular, original, sweet, and salty flavors. It retains the natural flavor of the peanut to the greatest extent, and it has a rich and mellow flavor and an endless aftertaste. The company has passed HACCP, EU BRC, international SGS quality, Disney SGS human rights and other system certifications, and registered two brands "Quixing" and "Sigley". In 2014, it was authorized by the Walt Disney to use the "Disney" trademark to supply RT-Mart. Auschamps has over 400 large-scale KA supermarkets nationwide. In the same year, it was also selected by Yonghui Supermarket to supply its own brand "Tianqu Peanut Butter" and at the same time supply "Peanut Butter Hot Pot for Haidilao and Xiabuxiabu Hot Pot."

At present, Qingdao Jixing Food Co., Ltd. has 43 formal employees, plus a total of 60 retired employees. "It's not affluent to make money by myself, but I also want to drive the farmers brothers who worked hard together to make a fortune!" Yu Songkui said that with the market expanding day by day, the existing machinery production capacity is far from being able to meet domestic and foreign market demand. As the scale of the site cannot be expanded, the annual loss order is nearly 30 million yuan, and the capacity problem needs to be solved urgently. It is understood that the expanded plant, while solving the employment problem of local villagers, can also drive nearly 10,000 peanut growers to get rich together.

Talking about the future of the company, Yu Songkui said that the current consumption of peanut butter in China is gradually increasing. The next step will focus on the development of the domestic market. Help the “Pingdu” brand, and learn from the successful experiences and concepts of other companies, to create a national “Scoli” peanut butter brand, and to bring the Pingdu brand products to the country and around the world for everyone to eat Safe, reliable and delicious peanut butter.